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    Since 2010 4Leet has been the go to company for professional IT and Web Design Services for small to large sized businesses as well as many residential customers. We provide fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions for any project. With our around the clock availability we can take on any project or repair at any time. All it takes is a phone call.

    While most IT professionals charge anywhere from $150-$250 an hour for their services. We only charge $75/hr and we also have student, non-profit, military, educator, and government employee discounts.

    • Professional IT Specialists
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    • Hagan Graphics

      We are in the process of developing a new website for Hagan Graphics!!! Stay tuned!

  • Web Design

    There are two things you don’t want when deciding on getting a website. You don’t want a fly-by-night run of the mill website. Secondly, you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a website either. This is why we are here. Mostly because we love what we do but, more importantly to provide you with a much more affordable alternative to nearly all costly Web Designers. We are proud to advertise that we are one of the most affordable IT and Web Design companies in New Mexico.

  • Current Clients: 74
  • Websites: 265
  • Coffee: 1227 cups

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