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Over the past few years you may have heard the term backups. Chances are if you own a business, you have data that you need to store. Backups allow you to save your information in a safe spot if something happens.


Having reliable backups is key to success within business. Because it provides peace of mind. Knowing that your data will be kept safe during any type of disaster is important.

Backup Standards

Daily testing of your backups is key in ensuring you are safe. Doing a dry run to see how well your backups perform is necessary. Ideally, your backups are housed both on-site and off-site. What does this actually mean? This means that data and files are stored within your business on a backup device, and in the cloud at another location. You can rest assured and knowing that your technology is working for you when you will need it to.

What if a Disaster Happens?

Backups allow you to work remotely if you have an emergency. A functioning backup will allow you to be up and running within a few hours if something happens. All you will need is access to your backup, an internet connection, and a computer. Overall, you don’t wait for disaster to strike, and handle issues as they come. You are prepared you are ready for the next steps. If the unthinkable happens, you need to be prepared in advance. A backup solution will make a data loss situation a simple process that your managed service provider will handle for you.


When you turn on the news these days, you frequently will hear about large companies being hit by ransomware. Finally, these companies end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their data back. Do you know why they have to pay this money? The answer is simple they don’t have reliable backups all of their files.

When ransomware hits, it encrypts all of your files and you are unable to get them back. Unless, you pay the hackers a ransom. You can avoid situations like this, all by having backups of all your files and file systems. All you need to do is to back up to the previous version of your data. Think of all those businesses that could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Overall, the large companies we hear about are the ones that survive through a ransomware attack. The businesses that we don’t hear about are the smaller businesses that don’t have backups. They either pay the huge ransom, or they shut their doors for good.

Ransomware and cyber attacks are no joke and they happen all the time. Wouldn’t it be simpler to have a solution in place that provides you Peace of Mind? Accidents happen all the time. Finally, as a business owner it is your responsibility to make sure you are safe.

Human Error

Regularly, people work late, people make mistakes,and  your files get deleted! Sometimes those are important files that you need. If you do not have a reliable backup your files may be gone forever. Finally, you need that information so that you can stay in business.

As a business owner implementing something as simple as a backup solution for your company will allow you protect your business.

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Sean Pilgrim
Sean is the CEO and founder of 4Leet. Passionate about technology and people Sean created a company that integrates both seamlessly.

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