15 Jun

Computer Maintenance Tips

You have finally purchased the beautiful computer of your dreams, you spent a good chunk of change on this powerful PC it is everything you ever wanted and could ever need. Or you have had your trusty computer with you for years, and you are nowhere near ready to trade it in for a new model; after all, this PC has been with you through grad school. Or, you just want to know how to maintain your computer in top form. Today we are sharing some computer maintenance tips with you to keep that machine running like new!

Often computers slow down when they are filled with data, such as pictures, software, applications, and media. So, once your memory is fairly full your computer will begin to slow down. This is because the hard drive is full and your computer has to sort through all of the data it houses, the more there is the longer it takes to complete the required task. Start easily by cleaning out your cookies in the tools section of your browser. Next sort through, the applications and software you have downloaded and begin to remove or uninstall items that are no longer necessary. Another thing you can do is to run the disk cleanup if you are using Windows, this will remove any items that you don’t need. If you are concerned about deleting items that are important, remember that 4LEET can help you out with any PC issues, big or small, we can even do remote sessions; we also suggest you use a cloud based application to safeguard your most important data. We highly recommend increasing, or adding memory to your computer as it will improve the performance of your pc and allow you to have more space.

Clean your pc to remove the dust and debris from the inside. Open the case and use compressed air to get rid of all the muck and particles, this can be done on most major areas of your pc. For the small hard to reach spots use a small item, such as a q-tip to gently get rid of the pesky dust particles hanging around. For the outside of your computer use a microfiber cloth to lightly clean off dust, crumbs (if you live by your PC), and dirt.  Once you have finished, make sure to place your PC on a high surface to reduce dust and dirt from entering the computer. Also, remember to give your fans enough room to work properly, as this is important for cooling and cleaning your computer of dirt and gunk.

Improve air flow by practicing good cable management and removing excess swag. Reduce the mess in your PC by nicely placing and arranging the cables within your case. This can be done with the use of twist ties and zip ties. If your computer case has removable items, like hard drive cases you don’t use, remove them to increase space and air flow through the computer. Increase the power of the air flow by removing the generic fans that arrived with the case, and replace them with powerful fans that will elevate the amount of air blasting through the PC.

Once you spend all this time keeping your electronic baby in top shape you need to keep if safe from online threats. Install a good antivirus program to keep your computer from being infected by annoying and harmful viruses, and malware in general. Remember not to ever run more than one antimalware, or antivirus program at a time, this does not give you extra protection! It will actually put a big strain on your system. Also, never download free antivirus software, from fake warnings you see pop up on your browser!! This is very fishy and will hurt your PC! Ok enough of that, so get some good anti malware software, and sleep like a baby knowing that your precious PC is safe from harm.

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