So many people still don’t utilize this feature! File and Printer sharing is built into your PC’s and Mac computers. File and printer sharing is an excellent way to share music, movies, files and more. On top of that you can throw in your own media center PC or server and stream movies to your TV. It’s easy to setup, reliable and makes life so much easier. Call us to help you securely share your files with multiple computers and friends and family in your household!

Benefits of File and Printer Sharing

Printer, print, and file sharing services will allow you and your family to print, share, store, and most importantly secure files over your network. Many homes greatly benefit from these types of services which allow you to connect to any information you need in a quick, simple, and efficient manner. 4Leet can even set up file servers in your home to create a home location for the shared files in your home. File and Printer sharing will allow you to store and share everything from files, documents, videos, and images in secure location. We also offer cloud backup of your data. Shared file, print, and printer services provided by 4Leet will allow you to quickly share and retrieve any files that you want to share.