4Leet Photo Restoration Services

Your pictures are your treasures. We can restore damaged images, old images, and make them look like new. If you find an old photo, we can repair it to bring it back to a new state. We rebuild the images for you, so your family can enjoy digital versions of your old images for a long time. Our graphic designers are extremely detail oriented, and highly skilled in image restoration. We offer spot removal, image damage restoration services, we can fix tears and rips on pictures, and we can even colorize old images for you, all this can be done right here in Santa Fe. We offer beautiful image restoration services right here in Santa Fe, NM.  Now those old family photos can be shared with all the members of your family, everyone can have a copy of those treasured images now. Once we are finished with the restoration we give you a digital file you can share with your friends and family. We can even help you get the images printed. 4Leet is Santa Fe’s top image restoration expert, call us today and see how we can help you!

Examples of Image Restoration Work