Graphic Design for Cafes, Bars, and Restaurants

At 4Leet we design customized graphics for restaurants, cafes, and bars. We can create beautiful menus, takeout menus, appetizer cards, gift cards, mailers, coupons, door hangers, gift cards and much more. 4Leet’s graphic design team is highly experienced in designing stunning and attention grabbing graphic elements for restaurants.

Menus & Takeout Menu Design

4Leet’s graphic design team offers customized menu designs. Having a well-designed legible and recognizable menu is key to continuous success in the restaurant industry.  Takeout menus are extremely important and most clients keep menus at home and in the workplace, so they can contact you any time. Having a uniform look throughout all of your printed media is important, a uniform look is professional and keeps the branding identity in top shape. At 4leet we can design any type of menu, crafted from most types of materials. We offer flat, multi-page, bi-fold menus, tri-fold menu designs, or any other menu you may want. Contact 4Leet to create a beautiful menu design for you, call us today for a free design consultation.

Custom Coaster Design

At 4Leet we can design custom coasters for your company. This is a great way for restaurants to promote special items, happy hour items, events, and increase all of your branding efforts. Call 4Leet today to see how our Graphic designers can help you!

Table Tent Design

Table tents are a fantastic option for advertising and marketing your specials and increasing in-house revenues. At 4Leet we can create beautiful designs for table tents, we offer classic A-frame table tent designs, triangle table tents, and pyramid table tents. Call 4Leets graphic design department in Santa Fe today to schedule a free design consultation.

Appetizer Cards

Display your delicious appetizers on attractive cards which engage the customers and encourage them to make orders. 4Leet’s graphic design team will create stunning appetizer cards for your business, call us today for appetizer card design.

Comment Cards

Comment cards are a fantastic way for businesses to receive information from their clients discreetly. Why keep comment cards plain when you could have a beautifully designed comment cards that even features a small survey to gather valuable marketing data while still gaining excellent information from your clients. Comment cards can help you give your clients what they want, and help you improve your business. Contact us today for a free quote and consult.

Examples of Our Logo Designs