Internal and External Penetration Testing

Penetration testing or pen-testing as it is sometimes called, features two distinctly different methods of execution, internal and external. Understanding the differences between internal and external penetration testing is important so that you can use the method that is best suited and properly evaluate the results.

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External Pen-Testing

This is the more common form of penetration testing and is considered traditional as it has been in use for quite some time. This approach is designed to test out the ability of an intruder to the internal network of a computer system. The goal of this form of testing is to access specific services and the desired information that can be found. This is done by going through exposed servers, the clients, and people who may interact with the system itself.

There are different methods used in this form of testing, which often includes using a web app or application that may be vulnerable or simply to trick a user of the system into providing their password. This allows access to the VPN and the result is that someone from the outside can now access information on the inside.

Internal Pen-Testing

This is the approach taken to simulate an attacker on the inside. While the testing is in many ways like external, the major difference between internal and external penetration testing is that with internal it is assumed the attacker already has access. Or, perhaps they have gained access through means inside the system.

An attack from the inside has the potential to do far greater damage compared to an outside or external attack because some of the protection systems have already been bypassed and in many cases the person on the inside has knowledge about the network itself. This means they understand where it is located and know what to do right from the start. This provides them with a strong advantage over an external threat.

The results of the pen-testing, both internal and external will paint an accurate picture of the security of your computer system. The report will provide insight on what can be done to change obvious weaknesses and what steps to take which will help ensure proper security is performed in the future. While no computer system can be made invulnerable, the chances of successful penetration from either external or internal threats can be reduced considerably with the proper pen-testing.

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