Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

The terms vulnerability and risk assessment are often used together when describing security needs, but they do mean different things. The same is true for threat identification, so it’s important for your business to understand how proper security works by assessing the threat, vulnerability, and risk involved.

Our team of professionals has the knowledge, skills, and experience to properly identify, assess, and rank the threat, vulnerability, and risk to your network. Let us demonstrate how we can help you by giving us a call so we can explain our services and provide solutions that will add greater protections. We have earned our place because of our excellent track record with many companies who have benefitted from our services.


This is the entity that is most likely to get into your systems through the most vulnerable areas. While specific threats may not be directly identified, the overall type of threat which includes their motivation and goals can be assessed so that actions can be taken to block them from entering your systems.

Threats are generally changing, morphing, and either growing or reducing depending on the circumstances. While expert analysis can identify most threats, there is no guarantee that all of them will be identified before they attack the system.


This is the process of assessing, identifying, and then ranking the vulnerabilities that are inside a system, most notably a network or computer system, but it can also apply to other types of internal systems such as communication, water and energy supply, and so forth. This process looks for vulnerabilities that are in your systems so that any weaknesses can be identified and corrected.

Keep in mind that a threat may not take advantage of all the vulnerabilities in your systems. This means that a threat assessment might reveal that some of the vulnerabilities might not be taken advantage of if the system is threatened.


Basic risk analysis mostly concerned with investigating the risks that is part of the design and equipment of the system itself. A classic assessment is usually done blind, but it can be combined with potential threats so that your systems are properly evaluated.

There are some similarities between risk and vulnerability assessment, such as assigning value to the systems under your control and identifying potential weaknesses. However, the main difference is that risk assessment involves everything that can potentially harm a system, while vulnerability analysis is more along the lines of finding and reducing the threat to systems.

The proper vulnerability and risk analysis performed by our company means that you can rest assured your systems are protected. Let us perform a proper analysis of your systems so that the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities are properly accounted. From our trained, certified professionals, you will have a better understanding of your systems and know where improvements are needed so they can stay secure.

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