27 May

Network Security Services – Why Your Business Needs Them

Starting a business has never been as easy as it is now in this digital era. However, doing business successfully and continuing to do so for a long time has never been this difficult either. A pressing concern for almost all businesses today is regarding the protection of the confidentiality of their data. Data security, simply put, is not an option. It is a necessity and proper execution of this necessity keeps the business running. If a computer network is considered to be the lifeline of the company, it has to be understood that problems like down time, disruptions and intrusions – all pose serious threats to data integrity. Besides, the longer and more frequent these problems are, the more blows are delivered to productivity. It goes without saying though that no network can run at its 100% eternally. Occasionally, there will be interruptions resulting in downtime. The solution, therefore, is the use of efficient network security services with 4Leet.

It has to be noted that network security services are not exactly magic. It manages to reduce potential risks of downtime and loss. But it does not guarantee that there will never be any problems with the concerned network in the future. So, what do you need to know about these services? As monitoring, upgrading and supporting a network is a 24/7 job, it can hardly be done by amateurs. Someone needs to be available at all times to deal with unforeseen problems round the clock and solve such problems effectively. 4Leet has employees with enough know-how and applicable skill sets to cater to most security issues and applications.

There are certain things that you must be particular about when employing the network security services from 4Leet. The main areas of network security services that you must consider are:

Firewall configuration review – The firewall security that your business has is very specific. You cannot afford to use just any firewall security available out there. Make sure the rules applied to the firewall are following the latest set of regulations and serving your business well.

Detailed audit of firewalls and routers and other computer devices as well as their location on the concerned network is another important part of network security services. You will also need a review of any de-militarized zone or DMZ equipment that might have positioned itself in your core network.

Commendable network security services provided by 4Leet will also help you with penetration testing, assessment of network vulnerability and regular audits of server security and other facilities.

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Sean Pilgrim
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