What is Content Marketing?


You may have felt that nauseating feeling when companies try to sell you things that are irrelevant and useless. That’s why our e-mail boxes have a spam folder for all the garbage that they send. Marketing by way of advertising on your facebook banners or pop up ads are not worthwhile in the present scenario of smart consumers that clearly know and have the tools to avoid the online ads.

When it comes to the art of customer satisfaction and generating valid leads, content marketing forms the basis of ROI. Content marketing is the skill of communicating with the consumers in a way that gives power to them and enables their sense of choice without actually selling them anything. It is a strategic marketing technique that centers on creating and distributing relevant and consistent informational content to attract an audience.

When the right information reaches the right customers, then you can be sure that it doesn’t end up lost in the spam bin. For content marketing, not just any content would do. The content should be customized according to the target audience. For that, scan the social media networks and research on what your ideal customers like and dislike and then make your content.


You have got your great content ready. Now, if it is not discoverable when a customer searches, then it doesn’t have much use. For that use appropriate keywords and SEO friendly articles. Make it easy to read, organize your content  and make sure readers are easily able to navigate your content. These are very important factors that can engage or bore potential clients. Including additional steps like links to more content and downloadable newsletters would enable the customers to actually find the right information for them and take informed decisions.


The most effective content is shareable content and still, quality matters more than quantity. There are many reasons why people share content on social sites. They share content because it touches them in a positive way like social causes, humanitarian concerns, helpful or argumentative content. Content marketers should have a keen eye for what touches people and tailor the content to that target. If a piece gets attention and a lot of feedback then don’t just lay back, instead keep promoting it and encourage others to share. Not capitalizing on your momentum is one of the worst things that can happen.



After you have created a content, it’s time to use it as much as you can in different formats like youtube videos, powerpoint presentations, charts and graphs, e-books, podcasts, and other mediums that deliver value. This enhances the shareability and allows you to hit the right customers.

Trends change drastically in the online world and a good content marketing consultant knows when and how to play their aces.