4Leet offers Google Analytics service monitoring. You have probably heard of it, but what is Google Analytics anyway? Basically Google Analytics will generate reports and statistics about your website. Using Google Analytics the right way will give your company access to never before seen information that is extremely valuable for your company.

A Brief History

Most of you are probably familiar with visit trackers, you can see how many people visit a website. As technology has advanced so have these trackers, they are now highly advanced and can measure a vast variety of data about users. Google officially purchased a company named Urchin in 2005, and renamed it Google Analytics. This is now the most sophisticated tracking software out there. The only catch is the amount of data you gain access to, that is where 4Leet comes in and helps you decipher, measure, and analyze the complex information you gain access to.

New Information You’ll Gain Access To

The amount of tools you gain information to with Google Analytics is quite hefty and you will gain some serious insight into what is happening with your site. This is just the beginning to the valuable information you will gain by using Google Analytics.
Companies can:
• Identify marketing initiatives that are most useful
• Identify your website trends and the traffic patterns your readers engage in on our website.
• See where your website traffic comes from
• Discover which customer groups bring the most value.
• Make rationalized decisions supported by direct evidence, in regards to strategy initiatives
• Identify the geographical areas most profitable to your company.
• Create website tactics to increase your conversion
• See what keywords were used to access the website and the user locations
• View exact patterns of behavior by users on the website
• Discover the most useful solutions for increasing sales
• Discover what key phrases and words are the most effective in generating sales
• Gain important information on how effective your current ads are
• Discover how to create the most effective leads which convert to sales
• Review exact data on how many visitors completed certain actions including inquiries and purchases and more
• You will gain access to see where your viewers stay the longest
• Find what content captivates readers the most and what topics you should focus on more
• Discover pages that users exit the site
• Words that were used to discover your website.
• Information on how to better your pages.
• Crucial information on increasing site visit length.

There is a huge list of benefits you gain from Google Analytics, but overall it is one of the strongest tools you have to create a better website with greater traffic, and improved sales.

You will Have More Control
Google Analytics gives you insights that will create all of your marketing campaigns much more effective. Using this amazingly useful tool will increase your marketing efforts and increase your ROI, and reduce costs of ineffective campaigns. You can view directly what is happening with your business online and focus on building profits, while tossing out the ineffective trials without any expensive repercussions. So earn more money, get more visits, gain more readers, loyal clients and finally focus on what really works for you!

4Leet can install Google Analytics for you, we will monitor your traffic, campaigns, and much more. We create customized options for our clients, contact us to discover how we can lower your marketing costs and create more effective campaigns that boost your revenue.