What is PPC? (Pay-Per-Click)

What will PPC do for Me?

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is the fastest surefire way to generate traffic to your website. A PPC campaign allows you to target specific demographics so you get a valuable ROI, this is done in part by using effective keywords. PPC allows you to efficiently track your visits, set exact prices for campaigns, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. In other words, you will get the highest amount of exposure to fit your direct budget.


PPC campaigns ensure that you are on the first Search Engine Results Page, also known as SERP.Your campaigns show up on premium spots of the page including the top, as well as the right sidebar of the SERP. This allows for the greatest exposure in the most relevant searches for your company.


We at 4Leet help by creating, and managing your Pay Per Click campaigns. Our services will allow you to gain the most traffic which will ultimately lead to a greater ROI. We pride ourselves in our extensive research and thorough analytics to provide you with the most effective PPC campaign.

Benefits of 4Leet PPC Advertising

  • Customized online branding and marketing strategy for your company
  • Direct Geo-targeting for your location
  • Personalized optimization specifically for your campaign
  • In depth reports and analytics to continuously generate new visitors
  • Bi-weekly telephone, skype, or in person consultations to improve your campaign
  • Demographic targeting
  • Keyword research for each campaign
  • Continuous ad monitoring to ensure the best value


Call 4Leet today to begin your full service PPC campaign. We offer various packages to fit each budget to maximize your advertising efforts for increasing visitors to your website and turning them into clients.