What is Pre-Roll Advertising?

Pre-roll advertising refers to the ads played before you see your selected video content available on a variety of websites including Youtube.com. These ads are often shorter in length and offer direct links to the webpages of the advertisers. Pre-roll ads these days are very advanced and allow for the demographics of your choice to be presented with your ads. PPC is one of the fastest growing types of advertising as it is affordable, has the ability to be analyzed, is a highly effective form of advertising, and keeps the viewers engaged in your content.

How will I Benefit from Pre-Roll Advertising?

How would you like to almost guarantee the view of your ad by targeted demographics who fit your buyer criteria? Unlike other forms of  advertising pre-roll ad viewers do not have the option to change channels when your ad comes on. Your customers have to watch your ad so they can see the content of their choice following your company message. Well, that is exactly what pre-roll advertisements do for you. Your viewers tune in to view a video of their choice and while they are waiting they see your ad. Another fantastic benefit of pre-roll ads for your business is that these ads are interactive and will send interested prospects directly to your website. Unlike TV and radio ads where users lose interest as soon as advertisements begin, pre-roll ads are not intrusive and allow you to target highly engaged audiences and gain their full attentions at much lower costs than traditional media.

4Leet Pre-Roll Advertising Services

We at 4Leet offer pre-roll advertising service packages for all budgets. We will ensure to set up a targeted campaign for your business which will increase your branding, website visits, and ROI. We will work with you to select your target audience and choose geographical locations where your ads will be displayed. We can edit your video advertisements to be ideal for pre-roll ads to reduce the chances of skipping and gain the most out of your campaign. We use specialized software to analyze your campaign to ensure you experience the most effective pre-roll ads that convert viewers into clients. Call us today for a free consultation and see what we can do for your company.