What is SEO?

What Is SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a way to improve your websites ranking on SERPs or search engine result pages. SEO will help you achieve an overall higher ranking on SERPs thereby improving and increasing the traffic to your site. SEO can be placed into two categories, on page optimization and off page optimization, these are carefully performed changes to exactly suit the complex algorithms of search engines. Search engine optimization is a timely process but the rewards of a well optimized site are vast and well worth the wait. A well optimized website will help you gain organic or unpaid visits to your website naturally because of your place on search engines like Google and Yahoo, where people naturally find you because you are the first option.

How will I Benefit from SEO?

SEO will benefit your company greatly. An improved ranking will allow you to gain visitors, and improve your sales. In today’s world everyone almost always checks on a product before making a purchase, now a well optimized website will allow you to be an option to all of those searching for your product. You will increase your company credibility, because Google is a powerhouse which everyone trusts for information. The cost over time for SEO is a more affordable option as it is permanent as compared to PPC campaigns which are also highly effective, but do not yield permanent results as SEO campaigns do.

4Leet SEO Services

4Leet offers SEO services to Santa Fe and the surrounding area. The benefits of choosing 4Leet for your search engine optimization include.

  • Specialized campaign for your company
  • Your very own campaign manager
  • Detailed analytics and traffic reports
  • Front end and back end optimization
  • Bi-weekly meetings, teleconferences, or skype calls to update you on your progress
  • We will continually help you grow your rankings and increase your traffic over time.
  • Once you get to a desired spot, keeping yourself there is simple with minimal upkeep