Why is Free WiFi Important?


Influences Decisions
79% of mobile consumers are influenced by the availability of in-store Wi-Fi when deciding where to shop.


Consumers Want It
64% of respondents make a restaurant choice based on availability of Wi-Fi services.


Everyone Uses WiFi
63% of U.S. adults use the internet wirelessly on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or e-reader.


Tablets are Huge
86% of all tablets require a Wi-Fi connection to access the internet.


WiFi is Everywhere
75% of smartphone owners use Wi-Fi on their devices.


WiFi is for Everyone
Even the “least” interested shoppers, age 45+, are over 77% influenced by in-store Wi-Fi availability.

What is Social Powered WiFi Marketing?


4Leet’s Social Powered WiFi is the easiest and safest way to share your Wi-Fi network with on-site customers.

Our NEW Social Powered Wi-Fi allows your customers to connect with their favorite social media site in exchange for free Internet access, offers, promotions, coupons and more!


What Can This Do For Me?

Our Social Powered WiFi helps you quickly and efficiently grow your e-mail lists, Facebook fans, instantly increase customer loyalty and capture social data for intelligent ad re-targeting, contest and more.


Connect with your customers on all WiFi-Enabled devices using interactive ad units and mobile-optimized campaigns.

How Does It Work?

Works with any network setup.

The 4Leet Social Powered WiFi uses proprietary software that quickly integrates into your existing network.


What are the benefits for my business?


Publish your own advertising banners, and set up co-partner brand marketing. Generate new revenue streams and increase engagement for all customers on-site.

  • New and returning visitors will be automatically added to your email marketing database directly from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.
  • Not only will you capture your customers’ real email addresses, but also tap into the Facebook Social Graph (age, gender, hometown) to gather valuable demographic data while monitoring engagement in real-time.
  • Retarget your customers with advertising and maximize your marketing opportunities.



“86% of consumers aged 21-24 & 35-44 are highly influenced by the availability of in-store Wi-Fi”

Source: Jwire

It’s Time To Turn Your Free Wi-Fi Into A Social Lead Machine!

Our Social Powered WiFi is the perfect solution for any business looking to offer a secure free Wi-Fi service to its customers in a user-friendly manner, while collecting valuable marketing data for future promotional retargeting campaigns resulting in increased engagement and customer loyalty.


Best of all – we do EVERYTHING for you!

Social Powered WiFi Packages Include:

  • Social Powered WiFi device technical set up at your location
  • Connecting your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google)
  • Landing page design setup and redirect
  • Easy check-ins on (Foursquare, Facebook Places, Google+, etc.)
  • The only social-powered Wi-Fi solution with 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • Sponsorship and advertising consulting
  • Social media retargeting consulting
  • Email list management services
  • Round the clock support
  • Eliminate fraud and Wi-Fi hackers
  • Works with all laptops, tablets and smartphones
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