15 Jun

Seriously, What is the cloud?

Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk about the cloud, but seriously; what is the cloud? The cloud is a storage system that keeps your files, media, and any information of your choice on specialized servers, so you don’t have to keep them on your computer. This means that your data is stored externally and kept safe without using the space on your valuable hard drive. The cloud allows you to store, access, and collaborate on information remotely without ever having to save anything on your computer, all you need is an internet connection. The cloud has become a failsafe solution for today’s problems, when relating to saving and keeping data.

Cloud based solutions are great for business because they save companies a lot of money. Many could services are based on monthly payments, this means companies do not have to invest in expensive hardware and software to store their data. When disasters strike data stored on the cloud is backed up, and companies can be up and running again much faster than businesses who do not use cloud based solutions. Remote storage has allowed for greater collaboration, as information can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The cloud is very powerful as it allows multiple users work on one document at a time, greater accessibility means that tasks are completed in a shorter amount of tie, consequentially increasing overall revenue. Computers are machines, and sometimes they break and hard drives fail beyond repair, the cloud will store information regardless of what may happen to the hardware of the user. Another great benefit of using the cloud for business is that companies reduce their carbon footprint by using only the server space they need. Using cloud storage is great for businesses, as it saves time, money, and increases efficiency.

The cloud is not only good for business but home users as well. Imagine, you can easily save all of your photos and never worry about losing them. Sharing data with family has never been easier! Cloud based services save end users money as well, as they do not have to invest in expensive external drives to store their data. For a small monthly fee a home based user will have a fail safe storage solution, and never have to worry about hard drive failure and the expensive costs of repair. A user never has to worry about maintenance of hardware of securing data as it is all done for them remotely. The awesome thing about cloud based storage is that you don’t have to worry about losing or erasing your data, because it is kept somewhere on powerful servers and will not be erased by an accidental clean up. The other thing is that when you store stuff on the cloud (somewhere in the Internet space) all you need is a connection to access all of your files from anywhere in the world and any computer in the world.

Cloud based services are the way of the future, they are cost effective and proven solutions that are environmentally sound. So, reach for the sky and get with the cloud.

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Sean Pilgrim
Sean is the CEO and founder of 4Leet. Passionate about technology and people Sean created a company that integrates both seamlessly.

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