24 Jan

Technology Trends in 2017


With the New Year in full swing, we at 4Leet are elated to share the top technology trends of this year. 2017 seems to be a very promising and exciting year for all of us who want more for less, and let’s face it, who doesn’t? With technology ruling our lives, we are finding more fun ways to integrate tech into our lives, creating more efficient ways to stay secure, making our offices smarter, and even augmenting our realities. Read on to discover the top trends of this year, and prepare yourself to have a fun techy year. Below is a list of the top technology trends for 2017.


  1. Welcome to Your Smart Office!

2017 is the year where technology is becoming even more entangled in our lives. We welcome you to the year of the smart office. A smart office is basically a digitally responsive work setting. This means that workspaces will be using technology to be more efficient by creating intelligent workflows that are easily adapted to your company. The whole concept behind the smart office is to create an environment that is best for both the employees and the company. This can be achieved by creating collaborative workspaces, incorporating machine earning capabilities, increasing automation to increase efficiency, utilizing IoT to speed up processes and increase comfort, and finally, interconnectivity is the most important aspect of smart offices. The smart office will digitalize your environment to make it more efficient, more ecofriendly, and better for everyone.

  1. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual reality, once a thing in the distant future, are finally happening on a massive scale in 2017. We at 4Leet are so excited about this fun trend! First, let me explain what virtual reality (VR) is: VR has the capability to put its user into a new place, to create a visual setting of being anywhere, anytime. This can be quite a powerful experience for users, as some even report feeling movement while enjoying a VR scenario. So, if you’re ready to have your mind blown, get yourself a sweet VR headset and go to town. Now, let’s move on to the slightly different yet also just as cool, the Augmented Reality (AR) trend. AR is just like taking our reality and adding something to it, changing the way we see the world. This is done by creating things like glasses, goggles, and more to assist the user in some way and to provide information. Some AR products will allow users who are driving vehicles to see things like driving speed, directions, and alerts from your smart phone of course! This is a hot trend that won’t dim anytime soon; AR and VR will only grow as it evolves into more immersive and powerful versions of itself.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things (IoT) is an exciting trend that will hopefully begin to flourish to its full potential in 2017. IoT is basically connecting everyday items to the Internet to gather information in order to improve the experience of users. IoT is used in many fields and will continue to grow over the next years to come. As IoT becomes more popular in our lives, many industries benefit from this new trend as well, including healthcare, agriculture, homebuilding, and many more industries. Practically anyone can use IoT, and get great benefits from it, including non-techy persons. Guess what! My crock Pot connects to Wi-Fi, and I can operate it from our office! It is estimated by the renowned analyst firm Gartner that by the year 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices worldwide. That is all fine and dandy, but how on earth will IoT be relevant to you and your life? Imagine this: When you awake in the morning, your coffee is already brewed, because your phone is connected to the machine, providing a message to your coffee pot once your alarm goes off. Once you’re up and enjoying your day, your fridge sends you a message to buy more eggs. Finally, you’re able to start your dinner right from work by turning on the crockpot to be ready for you later that night. IoT will change and simplify our lives in many ways, however, with such new technology, there are security threats as well. What do you think about IoT, do you think it is a safe idea, or is it too much too soon?

  1. Cybersecurity

What the heck is cybersecurity? To put it simply, it is a variety of technologies, specific practices, and specialized processes to help ensure the protection of your network. Cybersecurity will help defend your computers, phones, smart devices, data, and anything that can and is connected to the internet that may be vulnerable. With people and companies becoming more connected in 2017, the need for cybersecurity is higher than ever. With all these awesome devices and apps becoming available on the market, including IoT, social media, automated processes, AI, drones and much more, we are becoming more vulnerable. This means that we need to strengthen our security. Hackers are a serious threat to our lives as we become more connected, and the key is to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. This is why cybersecurity is such a hot topic in 2017. This may seem really scary, but most people will not be affected by such threats, especially if you keep up to date on your security measures. This includes strong passwords, not sharing personal information, and making sure your business and customer information is completely protected. 4Leet offers network assessments to ensure that your business is safe from malicious attacks, so keep that in mind going into the new year.

  1. Automation

The automation of a variety of processes will continue to grow in 2017; this is a proven way to reduce costs and increase efficiency within a company. What is automation from a business and technology standpoint you might ask? Essentially, this means that certain processes in a company will become automated and not have to rely on humans to complete these tasks. Automation will be apparent in detecting threats, repairing small issues in your computers, and creating processes that are time consuming on a regular basis to be done by machines, software, or scripts to save time and focus labor on larger tasks. 4Leet has been on the forefront of automation technology since we opened and we offer computer monitoring, virus removal, and much more in our affordable packages for our Managed Service Clients. Automating processes is a great way to increase ROI (return on investment), and increase efficiency.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The rise of automation has also increased the popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a fascinating subject in which machines and computers become able to think and learn, just like humans. Simply put, AI makes computers and machines intelligent in a way we can relate to. The main objective of artificial Intelligence is to fully understand arbitrary concepts, as well as create and learn to expand that understanding; that means doing things people do, but more efficiently. Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, however, in 2017, we will begin to see it being utilized more frequently in our daily lives. Some examples of AI include Cortana and Siri, bots which you can speak with that can provide you with valuable information. Video Games are also incorporating AI to help enhance the gaming experience. Smart Cars are also a prime example of the use of AI. Lastly, a fun example of AI in daily life is music and movie preference prediction, just like your Netflix cue! These will all become more robust and better in 2017. Artificial Intelligence is going to improve our daily lives and make some tasks easier and allow us to save time. AI, we are ready for you!

  1. Intelligent Apps

As we become more automated, and connected to the internet in all aspects of life. We are beginning to connect our applications to this realm as well, welcome intelligent apps. Intelligent apps are made to create a customized experience for users. This is achieved by gathering data from a variety of sources to generate an experience that will fit you.  Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are the largest components of intelligent applications, they create an environment that gets better the more it learns or is used. Intelligent applications are used in workplaces to increase efficiency, analyze big data, and cut costs. Overall, this is an exciting new technology on the horizon for 2017.


So what do you think? Are you looking forward to a year filled with fun technology and innovations to improve your life? Or will you take some time and wait to see what will really stick? Let us know in the comments below!

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