15 Jun

Top Marketing Trends for 2015

Social Media Rules- Social media advertising is growing immensely. Advertisers are seeing what a great impact having a social presence makes. Ads that are beautifully designed and focused specifically to their target audience generate an increase in company recognition, loyalty, and sales. Having a social media presence through advertising will increase traffic, likes, and create new customers. These new prospective clients can easily communicate with the companies, be aware of promotions, and sign up for newsletters.

Content Marketing-Give your readers something valuable. Today, largely because of the internet, customers can choose where they shop with more ease than ever. This means that you need to stand out from the crowd. Create informative and fun videos and posts to educate your audience and convert them into clients. These types of posts will create a following and generate loyalty and trust for your brand, in turn shoppers will go to you for the products they need.

SEO-This is still very important and the key to be found online. Your content and information has to be optimized, the use of strategic keywords and content to rank at the top of the search engines. SEO allows new clients to find you and your products or services. Strong SEO tactics implemented with creative content marketing is on the rise as Googles algorithms are centered on the ease of use for the end users.

Native Ads-As we talked about content marketing, native ads are still huge and are becoming more interesting and relevant. Native ads are ads which are placed within a stream or other content on a site to where they naturally blend in with the other information on the website without confusing readers as to what they are. This year native ads are focusing more on readers by using  more informative and fun content, rather than focusing on boring old ads.

A Real Connection- Making a connection with the public and humanizing brands is huge this year. Advertisers see how social media and other online avenues are truly allowing people to connect and communicate with specific brands. Focusing their efforts on improving the relations they have with the public has shown greater conversion rates, more social engagement, and a faster client base growth. These are not the only benefits, by being more engaging companies have happier clients and increased brand loyalty. So share what you know, let your clients get to know you, and get to know them even better, not only is this fun but your business will benefit from this.

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