14 Oct

Use StumbleUpon for Marketing

Have you heard of www.stumbleupon.com? If so, you will know that it is a fun social website that centers on content sharing. You can choose categories that interest you, and stumble away finding new and interesting websites, we at 4LEET have spent countless hours on the site. The really great thing about StumbleUpon is that not only do you discover new things, but you can share websites you like as well. This brings us to the key point of today’s post, you can use the website to promote your business. As always we are going to share some sweet tips on making StumbleUpon work for you!

  1. You need to set up an account on stumbleupon.com this is a free website and you will not be required to pay any fees. Take the time to personalize your SU account, this will greatly benefit you in the long run.
  2. Connect with your friends from other social media who are members of StumbleUpon, follow them and they might follow you back. They will be able to see when you add new content, read it, and most importantly like and share it!
  3. Begin by finding things that interest you, preferably focusing on your area of business. This will give you the chance to see what others are sharing. This step will guide you in the direction you need to take, as far as content creation goes.
  4. Create interesting posts that will engage your readers, be unique and informative for the best results. Remember if you just copy what someone else has written, not only will it damage your reputation with Google but it will most likely not interest your readers, as they have probably already seen something similar before. If the topic interests your readers capturing their attention they are much more likely to like and share your posts. This is very important to an effective StumbleUpon marketing strategy.
  5. Remember that SU users scan content very quickly, and you have a miniscule amount of time to capture their attention, so make your posts not only interesting but very appealing aesthetically. We suggest sing infographics in your posts, to get the SU users to stick around.
  6. Share your content to StumbleUpon when you write new posts.
  7. Stay active on the site, find new contacts, and share a lot of websites in your niche. It may look iffy if you only share your personal websites and content, so share, share, share all websites that interest you it will grow your reach and your audience. So for best results post a lot of stuff often.
  8. Get the buttons, we mean get the StumbleUpon share buttons embedded on your website, this will allow people to directly share on SU to their contacts.
  9. Stumble upon also offers a paid option where you can pay for visits to your website, 4LEET specializes in creating SU paid discovery campaigns. Contact us to schedule your next advertising campaign through StumbleUpon.

The business types which can benefit the most from SU campaigns are artists, youtube video creators, musicians, niche bloggers, tutorial writers, and other highly creative and attention grabbing professions.

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