15 Jun

What is Black Hat SEO and is it a Threat to my Business?

Black Hat SEO or negative SEO is a threat to your business because it will damage your online reputation. Everyday thousands of people online market themselves as facilitators of black hat SEO for a cheap price to crush the hard earned rankings of businesses online. This is a practice in which unethical tactics are implemented to reduce the ranking of a business online, this is often done by disgruntled competitors who want to steal your business.

An attack can consist of one or more of these vicious forms of negative SEO. Hacking into your business website can be very destructive, this is a popular negative SEO technique. Some individuals even offer to create fictitious social media profiles and bomb a business with slander. Duplicate content is damaging to a website, and often content can be spread all across the internet, even full websites can be copied; creating a very damaging effect. Backlinks are important and negative SEO experts will remove the best ones you have and replace them with thousands of adult and gambling related or otherwise shady backlinks that hurt you.

This is as real threat, if you research the topic online you will find a massive amount of information and offers to damage a reputation. Businesses will do this to outrank one another by getting competitors websites penalized by Google, which is the most popular search engine on the planet. They will gain your business, and leave you ten steps behind.

Now, although this is a serious threat there are numerous things that can be done to protect your website from such attacks. Begin by getting everything cleaned up, especially if your site has been up for a long time. You need to get rid of the bad, even if you have not been attacked you may have some fishy links hurting your SEO. The best idea is to hire pros like www.4leet.com to do this entire process for you as it is a daunting but necessary task. Cleaning everything up will bring your ranking back up, now it is time to protect yourself from possible future attacks. You first have to protect your best backlinks as they are golden for SEO, use a website like www.monitorbacklinikns.com to do so, and only use your domain email address to communicate with the owners of the websites that host your best links. You will need to set up Google’s Webmaster Alerts for emails regarding the status of your website, they will notify you if your site is not being indexed or if you suddenly are penalized by Google. You need to monitor for any content of yours that has been copied, there are several plagiarism checkers online available free of charge to do this task. Monitoring your social media is very important, watch out for negative mentions. These are just a few of the things you can do to prevent negative SEO attacks but they are worth it. We highly recommend hiring an expert company like 4Leet to do this as it is a lot of time consuming and difficult work, this will allow you to focus on your own business. These tips will help to protect your business from malicious individuals.

Remember not to engage in unethical behavior online as it will damage your ranking, especially with the new Google Penguin update. Do not hire people for backlink building, this may get you penalized. Do not add your links to websites that are penalized by Google. Do not copy and paste content for your website as this is also destructive to your site. Last thing, do not sever relationships online as someone could begin to see you as an enemy and attack your site, so stay nice.

Finally, if you want your website to succeed you need to be cautious and proactive. Be aware of your search engine impressions and have a secure website. Keep an eye on your website and watch it succeed. Protecting your website is important for your business, and will benefit you greatly in the long run.

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