15 Jun

What is Bloatware?

Bloatware is a term used for software on your computer. This software can at times be useful, but often that is not the case. These programs are preinstalled on your computer, this is frequently done by the computer manufacturers. Bloatware is basically software installed on your computer without your permission. Often this is software that you don’t even have a use for, and don’t need. People will frequently keep the bloatware, unaware that it may be removed.

Today we are going over bloatware, what it is, and why you don’t need it on your Pc. Bloatware is basically software that is pre-installed on your pc when you buy it. Bloatware typically uses up quite a bit of space on your computer and may even slow it down. Many of these applications are very feature rich, but are really only used for one single purpose. This means that precious space on your pc is being used to hold an overfilled program that is not exactly necessary to keep. Basically, you would never be able to use all of the features of the software, arguably making it bloatware. This type of software can even be difficult to use as it is so full of options, that a user may have a difficult time finding what they need making it confusing. These types of software are like shiny toys, they look impressive from the outside but inside they lack the quality of software that is intentionally built for specific purposes.

So you ask, why all this? Well, there are two reasons why companies preinstall software on your computer. One, to give the public new and useful tools to improve their computer experience. Sometimes these efforts are successful, and other times not so much. There is a darker side to bloatware, and that unfortunately is financial gain for the companies involved.  Antivirus companies are a notorious example for this, some will pay money to the computer manufacturers to install the software. The result is that users don’t know that this can be removed, or changed out for a different version of antimalware software. Users not changing the antimalware is making companies a whole lot of cash.

Sometimes bloatware may be used as a selling point for a computer to individuals who are not aware that they will not use 90% of the extra features they are paying for, and that in fact this will only slow down their pc. A computer should be customized to your needs, and that can be easily done even if you have purchased a model from a major chain, 4LEET specializes in customizing PC’s to fit your lifestyle. We can remove bloatware, or even better build a customized computer just for you at a fraction of the cost!I

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