15 Jun

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay per click, it is a type of internet marketing where the advertiser only pays if their advertisement is clicked by the user. To put it simply, it is an effective way to get visitors and clients to a website instead of having to work for organic visits. PPC allows advertisers to pay a small fee per click they get, but they do not have to pay for impressions. Impressions are views to the ad by online users. PPC is a very popular and effective way to gain new clients, readership, and make some great sales.

Search engine PPC ads are very popular among businesses because they show up on the top of pages such as Google when potential clients look for new goods. They are easy to spot, and if done right, PPC ads are targeting the right audience for the suggested products or services. Most people search online before making any purchases, and being at the top of the first page means you are noticed immediately, you have successfully overcome the most difficult part being an online business. Being seen is the most important part of doing business on the internet, you can now breathe as you are no longer in the abyss of millions of invisible websites. Another great thing about being on the first page? You build immediate rapport with people, why? Because you and your goods are the best, number one in fact!

The cost of PPC ads varies, and depends on keywords. Keywords have different prices and therefore campaigns will vary in cost depending on what you choose to focus on. Although keywords can range from pennies to dollars, you are able to create PPC ads that are targeting your audience. Being able to directly hit your demographic with highly relevant ads is very important, and results in sales. Even if one click costs fifty cents, if you turn around and make a $100 sale, that is huge profit. The best thing about PPC ads is that you choose to show your ad to people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, you no longer have to waste thousands of dollars showing your ads to people who couldn’t care less to see it. With PPC, you pretty much choose who sees your ad, that is awesome for business because you know your clients best.

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