How useful are Computer clean up services?

Cleaning up or the maintenance of your computer is very important. Over a period of time junk files can pile up and this will eventually slow down the performance of the system to a great extent. Junk files include browsing history, spam mails and malicious programs like Malware, spyware, viruses etc.

Any malicious program can be called Malware; any program that disrupts the normal function of a computer. Some Malware are designed by Hackers with the intention of extorting money from your account through online phishing sites, some are intended to crack passwords to your private and sensitive data.

Constant cleanup is required for the proper performance of your computers. If junk files pile up it would use more RAM, which in turn results in the gradual slowing down of system. Sometimes a complete format would be required to make systems faster. Another import thing is virus removal. Virus detection is as important as virus removal. Viruses can make systems behave in many weird ways (different from the way it is supposed to respond to commands) as viruses themselves are programs. Identifying a virus is very easy; this usually starts with your system taking a longer time to complete tasks. Another indication that your system is infected with viruses are “popup windows” that occur very often and quite unexpectedly. A virus will generally slow down the overall speed of the system. Another way of improving the speed of the system is to uninstall unwanted software these include games or media files that you or your children may never use, as well as programs that have become redundant or obsolete. Temporary deletion of files will not work as they will be stored in the Recycle bin, so emptying the recycle bin at intervals will help a lot in increasing the overall performance of the system. If spyware or malware are detected we can always install a spyware removing program. Random access memory or RAM plays a pivotal role in the performance of the system. It acts as a temporary memory to store meta data during copying and other software relate functions. So increasing the RAM will directly increase the performance of the system.

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Processor Over-Utilization

To find a bottle neck one must know where to look. Every mass manufactured computer will have a bottle-neck and it’s usually either on the processor or memory side. If the processor is consistently running at 25-50% at idle, then the applications you have open will make that jump up to 75% or higher. When you buy these cheap-o machines at big box stores, you get what you pay for. Many new desktops are shipping out with only dual core setups at 2.10 GHz (very similar to laptops). Unfortunately it’s not easy to remedy the issue if it is caused by the processor because in the case of big-box store computers the processor’s socket size and the motherboard are usually incompatible with any other socket and in a lot of cases the processor may even be integrated onto the board itself.

Graphics Processor

If you notice screen lag or screen tearing chances are you may have an on-board graphics processor going bad on you. This could aldo be due to low system resources such as limited memory or the chipset/video card are not getting adequate cooling.

If your computer is running slow it could be any number of things. Too many start-up programs, not enough memory (RAM) for your PC, slow read/write speeds from your hard drive or a failing hard drive, processor speeds, processor usage, etc.

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Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive failure has different degrees. Although all hard drive failure is bad it’s important to be aware of your hard drive’s health. There is such a thing as minor failure in which running a CHKDSK /r can fix when there are bad sectors on your drive. These scans can take a few hours, if they last longer than five hours you most likely have surpassed the “minor” failure threshold. You should be aware of likely hard drive failure if you have to hard shut down your computer and attempt several times to get it to properly boot or programs that lock up when you open them or when you try to access a certain function of that program.

Not Enough Memory

If your computer is running slow it could be something as simple as upgrading your memory (RAM). Your memory is used by software and hardware to load data from your programs and the operating system. Some applications use more memory than others. Anti-Virus programs like Norton and McAfee use a lot of memory. If you notice sluggishness when you’re trying to use your computer it could be a cheap upgrade to increase the memory on your computer.