What is a Firewall?


A firewall is a type of hardware or software used to protect your network. A firewall prevents hackers, Trojans, and viruses from gaining access to the computers on your network by screening them and protecting you from cyber-attacks and information leaks. A firewall will block unwanted visitors from accessing your computers and potentially causing damage or loss of data. A firewall can also control outgoing traffic, ensuring users steer clear of potential threats to your network. We at 4Leet specialize in hardware and software firewall configurations and installations.

Firewallls are used by businesses to increase their security and prevent any unwanted traffic, and to protect their data. Firewalls are an important component in running an efficient and secure company. Having a firewall ensures that a company or organization is safe from malicious attacks, which can potentially be devastating on a private network or Intranet.

A firewall will block out viruses, trojans, key loggers, and hackers

What are the Benefits of Firewalls?

There are many major benefits of firewalls for your business, these include security and privacy. Any organization with an Intranet or private network benefits from a firewall. A firewall will block out viruses, trojans, key loggers, and hackers.Cyber attacks are dangerous and can put not only your information but the information of your clients at risk. So basically firewalls keep you and your users safe.

At 4Leet we know how important network security is, therefore we recommend for all of our business clients to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of their network and its users. Many large scaled companies, retail shops, private organizations, and businesses who store client data need firewalls to keep out attackers and not to compromise private information.

Keep your network safe while protecting your data and vital information while keeping out unwanted traffic to your business network. 4Leet offers a wide variety firewall security service option, to protect your company from being accessed by unauthorized individuals trying to connect to your network. 4Leet offers protection and security so you have the freedom to partake in business boosting activities while reducing the serious risks damaging of cyber-attacks. 4Leet specializes in all types of firewall solutions and will assist you in finding the best option for your business. Improve your security by contacting 4Leet for a free consultation today.

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