Network Security

What is Network Security?

Network security refers to any activity or services created to protect your network. These services protect the safety, reliability, usability and integrity of your data and network. Network security is a broad service that targets a variety of threats and stops them in their tracks from entering or spreading on your network.

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At 4Leet we understand that Cyber Security is applicable in every industry. Make sure your business is safe from external threats.

What are Network Security Threats ?

Today, Network security threats are generally spread over the internet. Of these threats the most common are: spyware and adware, ransomware, hacker attacks, viruses, Trojans horses and worms, zero-day and zero-hour attacks, data interception and theft, denial of service attacks and identity theft. These threats can cause severe damage to your business. Security breaches can cause data loss, loss of revenue, downtime, legal action, fines, and some times can even force a business to shut its doors. Taking these network security threats seriously by using a proactive approach will vastly reduce most risks faced by businesses. Staying secure by using a variety of network security measures can ensure your business, and precious  data are safe from these types of attacks.

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What Do I Need to Secure My Network?

There is not a single solution that will protect you from a wide array of threats. Everyone needs multiple layers of security that way if one fails, you have the others to protect you. There are different types of solutions that require software, hardware or both. These devices and software need to be updated regularly and managed to keep your network safe from new and emerging threats. Optimally, both hardware and software applications for network security will work together in unison which will minimize the ongoing maintenance of the hardware and software while also improving on network security.

What are Network Security Components?

Network Security components usually include: a firewall to block access to your network, anti-virus and anti-spyware, IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) that identify spreading threats (Zero-Day and Zero-Hour attacks), VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to provide secure remote access to employees who need to connect to the network infrastructure.

Network Security

Keeping your Network Safe is Our Priority

There are many benefits for your business with network security. With it in place your company is protected from disruption which will keep your employees productive. Network security also ensures that you meet regulated and mandated compliance. Network security helps protect your clients’ data and reduces the risk of legal action due to data theft. The biggest perk of network security for your business is that it helps to protect your business’ reputation.

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