IT Service and Configuration Management

IT Service Management and Configuration Management

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This relates to the policies, organization, processes, procedures, and activities that are used in the operation of information technology (IT) in your business or organization in terms of working with customers or clients. Basically, it is the application of IT to meet the needs of your customers as part of the services that you provide.

So, if you are engaged in IT service management, you are focusing your efforts to what the customer needs in terms of services. This is not to be confused with IT systems management which is the oversite of the IT systems themselves. Such service management systems are designed to constantly monitor and improve the delivery of information to those that it serves, namely the customer or client.

This means having the right personnel in place to look at the flow of data and ensuring that it take the most efficient path for maximum effect.

What is Configuration Management?

Basically, this is known as an ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library that may consists of one server up to the entire IT department which manages and oversees the configuration process. It is the structure of how data is moved on your servers and computer systems.

It is certainly similar to IT service management, but here its main concern is with the configuration of the systems themselves for maximum efficiency.

Currently, the 2011 edition of ITIL is in place which is the standard for the industry and is a revision of Version 3. This version breaks down the processes into five separate stages;

  • Lifecycle

  • Strategy

  • Design

  • Transition

  • Operation

IT Service Management and Configuration Management

The goal is to continually improve the service provided so that customers get the information needed in the most efficient manner. Because computer systems are often enhanced, upgraded, or replaced, the need for continual oversight is paramount as a small change may carry big results. Because these systems often change, establishing procedures is vital to maintain quality.

This makes the management process easier to maintain and addresses issues on a uniform basis.

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