What are softphones?

Softphones are a type of software installed on a user’s computer to allow the user to make calls via the internet. All a user needs are an internet connected device, a headset, and an internet connection. Calls can be made from anywhere in the world just as with any other VoIP phone.

Softphones can usually be acquired from your VoIP provider. They are an amazing option for companies with remote staff, and companies who require scalability. Of course, any company who wants more convenience may choose a VoIP solution and specifically a softphone solution.

Increase Scalability and Decrease Costs with 4Leet Softphones 

Softphone Benefits

Cost Effective-Leverage the hardware you have on hand without having to purchase new phones. You can simply use the computers and internet devices you already have. All you will need are a headset and an internet connection, headsets can be purchased for a low price.

Easy to Use- A simple interface on your computer can be even easier than using a phone to dial, transfer, and forward calls. All with the click of a button you will be able to access all you need through a intuitive interface.

Easy to Scale- You can easily scale your softphones, adding new lines is as simple as installing the software application on a specified computer.


Simple to Update– Updates to softphones are as easy as reinstalling the application, no more breaking hardware, no more phones to replace, just a few clicks.

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