Business Class Workstations

Work with us so we can find or build you reliable, high-performance and efficient workstations for you and your employees. Workstations come in all shapes and sizes and while price is usually a determining factor for what computers your staff gets to use; don’t go with the bare minimum because you’re not just shaving some money off the top to save your bottom line, you could also be costing yourself employee productivity as well which would far outweigh the minimal savings you get with cheaper computers.

Using 4Leet custom workstations allows you to oversee your business. You will have the opportunity to create computers that suit your business perfectly. We build computers specific to your industry, and to match your technology requirements. With the future in mind we believe that the perfect workstation should last you a while and have upgrade capacity. We build our machines with this in mind to provide you with the finest solution all while keeping a budget in mind.

Experience unparalleled power and performance. 4Leet custom computer solutions can handle any workload you need. We build the custom computers in house with the greatest attention to increased performance and power.


Our machines are built by experts in the field of technology to ensure the highest standards of performance.

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Custom Built by IT Engineers

Tested and tried, we check every machine to ensure it is functioning perfectly before bringing it to your location. We then commence with the installation by one of our 4Leet technicians, who will then go over all of the new features of your machine. And of course, we transfer your data before you receive your machine so that you can get to work immediately.

We warranty our work, if you are not satisfied neither are, we. Our goal is to build the best machines for your business, to fit your needs perfectly. All while reducing the stress of new technology implementation so we do whatever we can to reduce your downtime and make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your staff.

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