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Hosting, Updates, and security for your WordPress Website all done Locally by I.T. Professionals.

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The Best Way to Manage and Host Your WordPress Website

Imagine no longer having to worry about your backups, hosting, domain renewals, updates, or security. We can handle all of that for you.

Reliable Backups

We back up your website so you do not have to worry about it!. Ever make a change and need to restore it? We’ve got you covered. Did you change your theme and don’t love it? We can restore your website to its original look in a jiffy.

WP  & Plugin Updates

We will handle your website updates for you. You will no longer have to go through the process of crossing your fingers each time you do a plugin update, or have to backup the entire website and deal with restoration if something looks wrong.

Security Checks

We watch out for security updates and make sure you are safe. We update WordPress and your plugins. This keeps you safe, if there any vulnerabilities on your site we take care of them! We keep your site safe from hackers and malicious code.

Website Monitoring

Monitoring is essential, we watch your up-time, we make sure there are no security risks on your website, and we can even monitor your SEO ranking, along with your Google Analytics account. 4Leet web hosting is much more than just hosting.

Much More Than Just Hosting

We offer a full solution for your the entire back end of your website.

Choose The Best Package for Your Business Needs

We offer local hosting as well as our premium WordPress Website Management Package.

  • Premium Web Hosting
    • $ 19.99 Monthly
      • WordPress Website Hosting
      • Domain Renewal Alerts (if purchased through 4Leet)
      • NM Server Location

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Best choice
  • 4Leet WP Website Management
    • $ 79.99 Monthly
      • Premium Web Hosting Package
      • Security Plus
      • WP & Plugin Updates
      • Cloud Backups
      • Google Analytics & SEO Check

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