Computer Upgrades

Computer Upgrades

Is your computer restricting you? Maybe it’s time to upgrade or maybe you just need a computer clean-up! Upgrading your computer and maintaining it well will keep it running like new. Computer upgrades with 4Leet is easy! If you need to upgrade your hard drive we have fantastic disk cloning software that will make a transition to a new drive quick and easy!

Hard Drives


Running out of space, or do you want to upgrade your hard drive to a faster hybrid, or solid state drive? We will listen to your needs and get your hard drive upgraded to perform faster and increase storage capacity.

Memory (RAM)


Is your computer bottle-necking? Manufacturers usually cheap out on processors and memory on the mass manufactured machines. We can help you upgrade your memory in your desktop, laptop, iMac or Macbook with ease!


Optical Disc Drives


Time to upgrade or replace your cd drive on your computer? Let us help you with a quick and painless upgrade or replacement to a new CD/DVD drive or if you’re a movie aficionado you probably want a Blu-Ray disc player.

benefits of professional computer repair

Upgrade Your Computer to Improve its functionality and Increase its Longevity!



If we can find a replacement for your OEM motherboard we can fix it. Many parts are still available from hp, dell, lenovo, asus, acer, etc.



Processors can be replaced and upgraded too! If you have a processor that fried on you we can find the replacement with the manufacturer.

Video Cards


Did your on-board graphics chip die on you? Or do you need to up the ante to play better games on your computer? In any case we can provide video cards for any windows based systems.

Power Supplies


Don’t forget the power supply! You need a power supply that can handle powering all of your computer and all of your devices both internal and external. You need to make sure the power supply you install will power everything properly!



We can help you find and install any other devices that you may need. Let us know what you are looking for and we will find it!

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