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Cyber Security

Cyber security is the action of protecting your computers and technology from outside threats. Read this article to find out more about cyber security in the workplace and what you need to do to stay ahead of the curve.

cyber security

cyber security

Secure Business

What does a secure environment look like? It depends on your industry, but the general answer is simple. On a basic level you need to have a backup solution, a firewall, antivirus, and a strict cyber security policy. These small steps will help you stay safe online. If you are in an industry that requires you to be compliant you need to be specifically careful about how certain things are handled.

Train Your Team:

You must train your stuff on how to handle threats. Threats are coming in continuously from the internet. Hackers are trying to access your network all the time, that is their job. Now your job is to make sure that your staff knows what to do and what not to do. If you are not trained on how to properly secure your network, you need help from an IT provider. An IT provider will help you create a cyber security policy for you and your team.

You are a Target

Having a business and being online means that you are automatically a Target. Criminals out there are constantly trying to access your data and your information so that they can get a hefty payday. An attack could cause you to lose money or your business. A strictly enforced cyber security policy will keep you protected.

Now the more technology you have implemented the more vulnerabilities you are at risk to. These include servers, emails websites, and routers, if you have any of these you are at risk. Security is a multi-layer approach that handles issues from many angles. You need to have an all-around security centered approach and outlook on your business. This will keep you as safe as possible.

Disaster Recovery NM

Disaster Recovery NM

Be Ready

Remember, when you’re in business you still need to prepare for the worst, what does that mean? Well, your business can get hacked regardless of how good your security approach is. sometimes breaches happen. When they do you need to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

What is backup and Disaster Recovery?

BDR backup and disaster recovery it is a plan in case of disaster. Overall, it is a backup solution and a way to recover your files. So, let’s say that your business was hacked and was ransomed the attackers want $20,000 worth of bitcoin for you to get your data back. You are not in a sensitive industry, so you have the luxury of choosing to pay the ransom if you have a backup. If you have a BDR solution, you will have your data stored offsite and easily get it back. Your files would be back in as little as a few hours, and ransomware was a thing of your past.

A BDR solution can save you thousands of dollars in prevented ransom fees, and thousands of dollars by preventing downtime for your business. Using backup and Disaster Recovery as a solution in case of a ransom is a key factor in ensuring that you will have your data back regardless of what happens. A strong backup is a powerful tool in ransomware mitigation and a nonnegotiable for any business who wants to stay safe online.


The best way to stay safe is to prevent unauthorized access to your network, and to keep your team from accessing unwanted sites. You can do this by installing a good firewall. One of the most important factors in a firewall is ensuring that the policies are properly set up. These are the policies that tell the firewall what to keep out and what can be accessed. Out of the box firewalls will frequently have protocols enabled, and some of these policies are not ideal for businesses. It is best to get a firewall set up by a technician who will help you create the right policies. It is very easy to accidentally grant access to everyone to do anything on your network, if you are not familiar with the hardware or software you are using as your firewall.

Keep in mind, an important factor is using professional grade anti-virus and anti-malware software to keep threats at bay.  Anti Virus solutions also remove threats if they happen. This is very important in a business setting. As malicious software such as ransomware can be prevented by installing a good solution. If you do not have anti -virus or anti-malware on your network you need to get it installed.

How do I enforce a cyber security policy?

Training and education are some of the most important aspects of a cyber security policy. Many errors occur by humans, so educate your team on how to detect anything suspicious and how to report these instances. Enforcement can be done by utilizing a firewall and setting up specific rules that need to be followed and using anti-malware and anti-virus solutions adequately.

In Conclusion

Finally, cyber security is a team effort and has many layers. Keeping your team educated, having a good technology provider, using the proper software and hardware solutions are all important parts that come together to reduce the vulnerabilities your business faces in the modern world.

Contact 4Leet today if you have any questions on how to set up your IT and Cyber Security Policy.

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