Hardware & Software Support

Under the hood of all your computers, servers, routers, and any of your in-house technology lies lots of hardware. We provide support for your hardware and proprietary software and operating systems.

Server Hardware

We have dissected and repaired numerous servers both old and new that were out of warranty. Instead of writing off your older hardware see if we can revive it and make it last longer and perform better for you. If it is in fact time for you to upgrade let us handle your next server purchase.

Network Hardware

Let us configure, setup and install or maintain your network. Firewalls, Routers and Switches we cover them all and we can help you secure and lock down your network. Restrict your employee’s access to websites and more to keep them productive with no distractions.

Peripheral Devices

We even troubleshoot and repair peripheral devices when the occasion occurs. We can supply and replace small things like keyboards and mice and repair printers, monitors and more.

Software Support

We provide software support for a plethora of applications. When you need to know how to use software or if your software is misbehaving, let us fix it.

Operating System Support

Windows, OSX and numerous Linux distributions. We are the go to company to help you with any questions or the support that you need.