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How to Reliably Work from Home in the Age of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Perhaps a member of your staff has been quarantined, or your whole company now must work remotely. However, you may not be fully prepared on how to reliably work from home. 4Leet provides solutions to safely, securely and compliantly work from home for extended periods of time. Allowing your to have complete business continuity during these times. You will need to have a few things in place for this:

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    Secure Remote Access Checklist

    • 4Leet Secure Remote Access

    • Reliable Internet Connections

    • Windows Virtual Desktop

    • Secure File and Folder Access

    • VoIP Phone Solution

    • Webcams for Meetings

    • Headphones and Microphones


    4Leet offers an affordable service that allows your users to connect to their work devices and computers from home quickly and securely. Staff can even connect using their tablet or ipad.



    The at home internet connection is enough if you have bandwidth for one or two users.  For the employer side, you will need a more powerful internet connection that will handle several secure connections at a time.

    Cloud based applications such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps will not put strain on your employer’s internet connection. End users are accessing those directly from their internet at home.


    Your remote work solution needs to be compliant when you are under HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, PCI, etc. If your current method of remote access is not compliant, you are exposing company data and business information to dangerous risks For example, Microsoft Office 365 is a compliant solution and will meet several compliance regulations.


    Windows Virtual Desktop allows is a highly secure virtual Windows experience that is usable by a multitude of devices including phones and tablets. Letting you securely access work data and applications from anywhere even on an unsecured device such as the employees home workstation.


    If your team is using a 3rd party solution to connect directly to their work computer, or utilizing Windows Virtual Desktop, they should be good to access work data securely.

    Another solution would be to use a virtual private network (VPN). Where the employee is using a software agent on their home workstation that securely connects backs to the company’s firewall.

    Ideally, in this situation we don’t prefer to use the employees home computer. The users home PC may not be up to date, could be compromised with malware or a myriad of threats, and you have no way to enforce proper security or enforce policies that would protect your important business data. An ideal solution would be for the employer to provide company-issued laptops or tablets for use in these types of events..

    However, we understand and know that this will not always be the case. In these types of situations, where hardware is not provided by the employer. We recommend a 3rd party solution or Windows Virtual Desktop as mentioned above.


    VoIP phone solutions such as BVoIP allow for your employees to use their company extensions directly from their cell phones using a softphone solution. These solutions also include the ability to securely and remotely communicate through video and chat using your computer through and encrypted channel.


    Using headphones may reduce general distractions especially if your team have kids or animals! 4Leet recommends the Bose headphones. The sound is clear and the noise canceling options work well. A microphone will allow for teleconferencing meetings, as will a webcam. The last two are not necessary but very helpful.


    4Leet has been around since 2014 helping businesses just like yours with IT solutions in Albuquerque. We are experts on Microsoft Office 365, secure remote access, and much more. We will assist you in keeping your business productive and profitable no matter what IT challenges you face.


    Secure Remote Connections

    In the age of a remote  workforce, and considering the situation the coronavirus (COVID-19) has put us all in. It is essential to have the ability for all your staff to be able to securely work remotely.

    Additionally, it’s equally necessary to migrate key IT functions such as e-mail, data access, and collaboration to known trustworthy cloud solutions. We highly recommend Microsoft Office 365 for your remote work cloud solution. Office 365 meets compliance, portability, security, and reliability requirements. We also strongly recommend a reliable VoIP phone solution such as BVoIP.

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