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We promise quick turn around times and the most affordable services in Santa Fe for Computer Repair. If you find anyone cheaper let us know and we’ll beat them!

At 4Leet we love to help you with any computer troubles you may have. We offer the most affordable computer repair rates in Santa Fe, NM. 4Leet specializes in both PC and Mac computer repairs in Santa Fe. Our techs are highly trained, skilled, friendly, and will fix your computer problems quickly; simply efficient, fast, and affordable computer repair in Santa Fe. We offer computer pick up services, house calls so you never have to leave home to have us repair your Mac or PC, we even offer remote PC repair, or you can drop your computer off with us. Either way, 4Leet offers a low hourly rate, fast, professional service, and low diagnostic fees. Our mission is to assist you and make your life easier all while charging you a fraction of what the other guys are charging.  Stop by 4Leet or give us a call today, and we will send one of our techs out to you ASAP, hey we’re even open on Saturday just give us a call!

4Leet Computer Repair- We have an extensive background in PC computer repairs. We specialize in repairing both desktop computer systems and portable computer systems. This means we can repair any PC, may it be a home desktop computer or a portable laptop computer. 4Leet works with Lenovo, Dell, Asus, HP, Acer, iBuyPower, Abs, LG, Gateway, CyberPower, IBM, Zotac, Cybertron, Toshiba, Syber, Samsung, and many many more! We are experts with all things computer, so you don’t have to be. Our passion is to provide you with the best most affordable computer repair services in Santa Fe, simply because it’s what we love to do.

Common Computer Issues We Fix

  • Connectivity problems, you have trouble getting online.
  • Slow computer
  • Computer is overheating
  • Beach ball of Death, rainbow circle on Mac computer
  • Blue screen errors on computer
  • Beeping noises from computer
  • Popup ads on computers
  • Computer Viruses
  • Malware
  • Trojans
  • Frozen computer
  • Computer crashes
  • Computer Hardware Problems
  • Computer Software Repairs
  • Operating System Updates
  • Any computer repair

Desktop Computer Systems

Home Desktop Computers- Home is where your desktop PC is, we can repair your home desktop PC directly at home, pick it up, or you can bring it to our shop at 4Leet.

Business Desktops-Your workstations are important, especially when it houses your entire business career in one location. 4Leet offers the fastest service, free diagnostic, and quick turnaround for your PC’s. Bring your business workstations to us and we can diagnose and repair it swiftly.

All-In-One Computers-We repair all in one computers at 4Leet. Stop by today and we will get you fixed up.

Gaming Desktops- Did you know we’re gamers too?! Bring your gaming rig and we will have you playing again in no time with faster clock speeds and better performance!

Chromebox Desktops & Mini PCs- 4Leet loves raspberry pi and Chromebox Desktops, if you need a repair bring it in to us we will get you to love your mini PC again!

Refurbished Desktops & Laptops- 4Leet is highly efficient in repairing refurbished desktops and laptops. We will carefully diagnose and come up with the most affordable solution to fix your refurbished desktop computer or laptop.

Portable Computer Systems

Laptops / Notebooks-We are experts when it comes to laptop and notebook repairs in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Gaming Laptops-We know how serious any issue with your gaming laptop is, come to us where we care about gaming laptops, and your future enjoyment! We are the Santa Fe experts for repairing gaming laptops. Bring us your gaming laptop and we will take a look at it, and we will create the most affordable option to get you back up and running again.

Chromebooks-These are some of our favorites to fix, built on raspberry pi Chromebooks are great bring it by 4Leet today and we will repair your Chromebook at the most affordable rate in Santa Fe.

2 in 1 Laptops / Ultrabooks-We repair 2 in 1 laptops with detachable screens and high performance laptops in small profile cases.

4Leet 4 Mac Repair

At 4Leet we are Mac experts, we offer Mac repairs and same day repairs. Our techs are highly skilled and will repair, troubleshoot, and boot any Mac issues. We know Mac hardware and software, and we are ready to take on any job in Santa Fe or the Northern New Mexico area. We offer hardware cleanup and rebuilds to extend the life of your Mac to its fullest potential. We clean up any bugs you may encounter on your Mac, and do our best to find the most affordable solution to repair your Mac computer in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the surrounding area.


Mac Laptops– We repair all Mac laptops including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iBook’s, and PowerBooks. We will find the best and most affordable solution for you.

Mac Desktops– We repair iMac minis, iMacs, Mac Pro, Classic Macs, and eMacs, bring your mac in to bring it back to life at 4Leet.

Mac Hardware-We will diagnose your Mac hardware issues, we then will find the most affordable replacement parts for your Mac desktop computer.

Mac Software-4Leet is home to the Mac software experts of Santa Fe. We will assist you with any of your mac software issues, and help you right away.

An Overview of what Computer services in Santa Fe is all about

It is impossible to even dream about a world without computer services, as it has become an integral part of our life. Everyone’s computer requires proper maintenance which many people are not aware of. Most computer repair shops will have the following computer services:

PC Technical Support

PC technical support: A computer repair/support technician provides Technical support. Assistance varies from basic operations of a computer and its related software, hardware or network issues. Local computer support resolves problems by physically operating the computer. Remote support requires logging into an end user’s computer to analyze the problem.

PC Repair / Troubleshooting

PC Repair / Troubleshooting: Computer Troubleshooting is the identification of a “trouble” in the management flow of a system caused by some kind of failure and the process of determining and rectifying the causes of these problems.

Operating System Updates

Operating System Updates: Operating system (sometimes abbreviated as “OS”) is the program that is being loaded initially into a computer. It manages all the other programs in a computer. The other programs are called application programs.

Software Upgrades / Installation

An upgrade in software includes fixing the bugs and integrating more options/features for a smoother user interface.

Hardware Upgrades / Installation

Hardware Upgrades / Installation: Hardware upgrade means additional of physical components to improve the performance of a system.

System Security Testing:

This process is to reveal flaws in the security mechanisms of a computer to protect data and maintain functionality as intended.

PC Setup / Installation

PC Setup / Installation: PC set up is the assembling of various parts to make a working system.

Anti-Virus Installation / Virus Removal:

Anti-Virus Installation / Virus Removal: This is a very crucial thing as the chances of a computer getting infected with a virus are very high due to malware on different websites.

Data Transfer

Data transfer- Do you want to transfer your data from one computer to another? We can help you with setting up new machines with all your previous data.

4Leet is Santa Fe’s Computer Service Experts and we offer a wide range of solutions to different problems pertaining to computer repair. 4Leet takes the extra mile to make sure that our clients have the right hardware and software to meet their needs. 4Leet has availability for same day, weekend and evening service.

Slow Computer?

A slow computer can be caused by any number of things. Bottlenecks are the most common. Maybe you have a brand new laptop and the processor is the best on the market and the hard drive is a solid state drive but you still feel slowness with your computer. Your bottleneck here could be the memory! Memory is easy to upgrade!

It could also be bloatware or malware which we service as well.

Broken or Cracked Screen?

A cracked or broken screen on your laptops and tablets are easily repairable! We can get it fixed for you with no problem!

Lots of Ads and Popups?

If you’re experiencing lots of ads and popups on your computer when you’re browsing the internet or while using programs on your computer you could be infected with what’s called adware. Adware is more annoying than anything but could be dangerous since most of your internet traffic can be directed through what’s called a proxy server. A proxy server can be dangerous since all the information you enter online can be sniffed and collected.

Hardware Upgrades

Sometimes you need to upgrade a cd/dvd drive, other times a processor, a motherboard, a video card, memory, etc. We have you covered with easy and affordable upgrades.

Running out of Disk Space?

Bargain PC’s come with anywhere between a 250 gigabyte or one terabyte hard drives. Obviously the larger the more storage you have but there may come a time when you need to upgrade if you have a lot of movies, files, programs, music, etc. We make it easy to upgrade your storage capabilities!

Everything Else

We know this is a short list but we cover absolutely everything you could possibly need for your computer and mobile devices.