37% of organizations reported being victims of ransomware in 2021

37% of organizations reported being victims of ransomware in 2021

In spite of the increasing incidence of ransomware, less than 10% of the companies affected reported losses. Despite the fact that ransomware attacks are on the rise, this shows that businesses are taking measures to safeguard themselves in spite of warnings. Read more to get the Best Managed IT Services Albuquerque tips on avoiding.

In other words, how can companies prevent their sensitive data and files being encrypted and paying a ransom to hackers to restore the files? You can put in place some of these simple, but highly effective strategies, too! Check out a few strategies that business owners have implemented!

Training and awareness program development and implementation

It is imperative that awareness and training programs be developed and implemented for end users. As end users represent the most common targets of ransomware attacks. In order to prevent these malicious attacks from happening in the first place, it is necessary to educate employees about their delivery methods, identify them, and take preventative measures. Unless your employees are aware of the hazards, your business is unlikely to be adequately protected.

Strong Spam Filters Should be Enabled

In order to obtain sensitive information, malicious entities will send phishing emails. These emails are coming into employees’ inboxes. Their Spam Filters prevent them from reaching their recipients. Implement and DomainKeys, Sender Policy Framework (SPF),  Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC), and Identified Mail (DKIM). In terms of preventing email spoofing, these technologies are excellent.

Emails Should Be Managed Diligently

Take care to scan all emails that come into your inbox – and make sure all of your employees do the same. Additionally, check outgoing emails for attachments that may contain threats you are unaware of. Ensure executable files used on computers are filtered so that employees won’t be exposed to them. Also have the Best Managed IT Services Albuquerque team supporting you!

Install and implement firewalls

Ensure that firewalls are configured to restrict access to known malicious IP addresses. Following this straightforward advice can make a huge difference.

Accounts with privileged access must be controlled

Managing privileged accounts on the least privilege basis is also a good idea. Our Best Managed IT Services Albuquerque professional opinion is that employees should never be granted administrative access unless it is absolutely necessary. If it is necessary, employees who are assigned administrator accounts must be instructed to use them only when doing so is absolutely vital.

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