Cybersecurity and IT considerations when onboarding new staff

Cybersecurity and IT considerations when onboarding new staff

Cybersecurity and IT considerations. Technology and cybersecurity are important considerations when bringing new staff on board. Before hiring or transitioning existing employees to a new role, a company’s IT department must understand the employee’s duties and any specific technical requirements. Additionally, organizations should take steps to protect sensitive data by outlining potential threats and ensuring appropriate mitigation strategies are in place. One way to do that is to use our Managed IT Services Albuquerque team

Onboarding new staff is an essential and exciting part of growing any business. However, taking the proper precautionary steps during onboarding is critical to secure sensitive data. When introducing new employees to your organization, it’s vital to ensure that cyber security protocols are followed and upheld. Taking an IT perspective when starting this process will lead to a successful transition for all involved.

When making decisions, take these points into account: 

Cybersecurity and IT considerations: IT Infrastructure

Please ensure a new employee’s workstation is set up correctly and all necessary precautions are taken before starting. Please ensure all the required precautions are followed before starting. It includes configuring their computer with the right software and all the latest security updates. Additionally, a backup should be implemented of any critical data or documents, just in case of any security breach issue.

Access Controls

In order to properly onboard a new employee, it’s essential to have precise access requirements. Ensure that only the necessary data and systems are granted access and that proper controls are in place (strong passwords, two-factor authentication, monitoring of logs) to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Cybersecurity Awareness

To keep the company’s information secure, new employees must be well-informed about potential cybersecurity risks and recognize the importance of leveraging best practices. This includes training and reminders on safe browsing techniques, email safety measures, and social engineering countermeasures.

Cybersecurity and IT considerations: IT Policy

The success of any IT and cyber security program depends on having a well-designed, comprehensive IT policy. Our company’s IT policy helps set expectations for protecting our data and systems by outlining the rules and procedures everyone in the organization should follow. A sample IT policy is provided here for review:

Cybersecurity and IT considerations when onboarding new staff
Cybersecurity and IT considerations when onboarding new staff

Cybersecurity and IT considerations: IT Policy Template


This policy’s provisions ensure the secure and effective use of company IT resources, such as computers, internet access, email, and other associated technology. This document outlines the restrictions and procedures that govern the proper utilization of these resources to protect confidential information belonging to the company.


Employees are responsible for utilizing company IT resources ethically. Confidential information must be secure, and employees must only access systems and data necessary to complete their job tasks. Furthermore, each employee must take the steps required to secure their computer, including consistently installing the latest security updates and patches.


To ensure the security of the company’s IT systems and data, all employees must adhere to the following policies:

– Passwords must be reset every 90 days, including lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Password length needs to be 12 characters at minimum.

– Personal use of company resources is strictly forbidden as transmitting inappropriate material or engaging in illegal or unethical activities.

– The employee must notify the IT Department immediately if a security incident occurs (such as a lost device).


These guidelines are implemented to ensure corporate IT assets’ safe and efficient utilization. Any inquiries can be addressed to the IT department. These policies and rules must be a team effort, and each staff member’s commitment is required to ensure a secure environment.

These considerations will help your organization create a successful onboarding system for new employees that is secure, compliant, and proactive. Our team is here to assist if additional assistance or support is needed.

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