Improve your internet speed Anywhere

Improve your internet speed Anywhere

Improve your internet speed : Employees in the workforce rely extensively on internet connectivity to complete their tasks. Your cloud services need to be fast and stable whether you are at work or at home.

In the following article, we will show you how to increase your internet speed, strengthen your connection, and reduce dropouts.

improve your internet : Hardwiring is an option to consider

When we support businesses in our local area with their IT, the number one problem we hear is the poor wifi connection in their office or at home.

The easiest solution to this problem is to use wired connections rather than wireless ones. In critical situations and virtual meetings and events, we recommend using a network cable instead of WiFi.

Nevertheless, it is known that not all offices and homes have adequate access to network sockets. Alternatively, you can upgrade your wifi for better coverage if that is the case.

Hardwired networks and multiple wifi access points are commonly available in larger properties to ensure maximum coverage no matter where you are in the office or house. Our team would be happy to help you to improve coverage if necessary.

Improve Your internet
Improve Your internet

Update your DNS to improve your internet speed

Domain name system allows website addresses to be converted into server addresses. 

Most internet services use it whether they are on your laptop, mobile device, or desktop. Your internet service provider provides most DNS services that are suitable for everyday use. With a simple router change, you can dramatically increase your web browsing speed with faster DNS service options. 

There are a number of premium services that are available for free, including Cloudflare and Google DNS.

Bandwidth hogs should have their rates capped

Teams or Zoom meetings that drop out or have bad connections are the worst. Various factors can influence the speed of your internet connections across the whole internet; however, you can reduce your risk of slow connections both at home and in the office.

Office workers worked remotely during the pandemic. Their family members were using the same internet connection. This was the classic example that we saw over the pandemic. 

A slow internet connection caused by kids streaming Netflix and Youtube on the same connection interrupted those important meetings. Rate limiting your router will resolve this issue.

When critical meetings need to take place online, this will give all devices the same priority, thus freeing up bandwidth.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about anything mentioned in this article and how to speed up your office internet.

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