Secure Remote Work Tips

With an ever-increasing remote workforce, we need to ensure our businesses stay secure. Read on to learn these powerful secure remote work tips.

Over the last several years cyber-attacks have increased significantly. Unfortunately, the numbers are only growing from here. Businesses need to stay secure.

Today we are going to learn some ways that you can keep your remote workers and business safe from hackers. These tips are easy to follow and implement within your organization. However, small steps can make a big difference when dangers are always looming. Read on to see what you can do to stay secure.

Backups Keep your remote work secure

Making sure that you have backup set up is very important. I cannot stress enough the importance of frequent back of your data. Text your business from loss of information.

Events such as ransomware, will wreak havoc on your business. They are extremely difficult to handle if you do not have a backup.

Generally, if disaster strikes, having backups will allow you to revert a previous version. And restore your files to a point where the ransom where did not exist. This means your files will no longer be encrypted, and can be accessed again within a few hours or a few days depending on what solution side is best for your business.

At 4Leet, we recommend incremental backups which are done at least every hour. This ensures that you never lose large chunks of data and that you can restore your information swiftly.

Watch out for phishing

Most online attacks require a user to interact. What does this mean? Frequently malicious software needs to be downloaded by a user.

If your team is working remotely, they must be especially on guard. As they will be using their personal devices to log on to your network.

If your network is not protected, and they click a phishing scam. You run the risk of getting hacked.

Educating your staff, is very important. Finally, having security protocols and policies in place is necessary. Especially during the era of the remote Workforce.

What are phishing attacks?

Phishing scams are fictitious sensitive information and data. Often disguised as web links and emails.

At 4leet strongly recommend using multi-factor Authentication, utilizing security software, and staying on top patches and updates.

Good connections for safe remote work

Sure that your employees can access your VPN or virtual private Network. To do this efficiently they need to have a strong internet connection.

A weak internet connection and slow speeds could potentially be disastrous. As your team may forego using the VPN and work directly online.

The dangers of using public Wi-Fi are vast, and even a home network can be attacked. So, make sure your staff is VPN ready with powerful internet connections.

Secure remote work from anywhere.

Strong passwords for secure remote work

Train your staff on how to create a strong password. Weak passwords are a big reason for online attacks.

Teach your team on using unique passwords with, letters, numbers, and symbols. Are much more difficult to crack.

When you use a variety of applications and websites. Remembering all your complex passwords difficult. However, using the same password weak password is not okay. If your password is breached, criminals will have access to all your other data.

Choosing a password manager like LastPass is a great tool for home and business users. While never having to rely on a dangerous sticky note on top of your computer monitor ever again.

In conclusion

These are just a few tips and tricks you can use for secure remote work. However, they are very important and have a big effect on your security. If you want to learn more about keeping your remote workers safe do not hesitate to contact us at 4Leet today!

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