Should I buy a Mac or a PC?

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Should I buy a Mac or a PC?

You are ready to take the plunge and buy a new computer. You ask your friends and you quickly realize that there is a serious divide, some are Mac’s some are PC’s. So what do you do? When you ask they give you biased information. 4LEET is coming to the rescue, we will go over the differences today so you can decide what type of machine is right for you!


Software:  PC’s have a variety of software which can be installed, you can use your computer for work and for serious high quality gaming and video editing, etc. Macs are excellent work computers but can’t be modified to improve their performance based on your needs, although there is a great variety of software available for a multitude of tasks to be completed on the Mac. PC I much more diverse in the realm of software availability, Macs are more limited but make sleek work computers.


Security: Ok, the truth is that Mac’s do get viruses. The more Mac users there are the more viruses are created as the market share of these computers increases malware creators are hard at work trying to ruin your day. Yes, viruses did occur more frequently in PC’s but only due to the fact that there were more readily available victims out there. The truth is that both machine types can be equally safe if they are properly protected with the right anti-malware, so get some great software and choose the computer you like better!


The Appearance: Macs look amazing and are modern and beautiful as compared to your regular store bought PC. If you like easy, modern, and convenient design then the Mac is for you. Although if you are looking for something unique, a PC can be custom built for you. This can include a water cooling system, your choice of colors, and even LED lights. We at 4LEET specialize in stunning water cooled systems. So if you are looking for something unique a custom PC is for you.


Operating Systems: The Mac OS wins here as compared to Windows 8, although there have been improvements in the last update to Windows, Mac has been more stable for its users while still progressing without drastic changes. Many users find the Mac to be much easier to use for beginners, but it just depends on the machine you start out with. Over the last few years it seems that the populous has become used to the metro look and feel of Windows, while the Mac users never had to learn a new OS in order to enjoy the benefits of updates. So if you like stability go for a mac, if you like the modern look of a metro menu and touch screen choose a PC.


Price- Most average PC‘s are much cheaper than the Mac’s on the market. One could say that the PC may not last as long as a Mac as the hardware is not of equal quality, but the PC can easily be upgraded if need be for a fraction of the cost.  This is really up to you, one never knows when something will need to be replaced. PC’s will also be cheaper to repair as they are easier to handle, have more replacement hardware options available at a wide range of prices.


So there you have it. Those are the main differences between the Mac and the PC. The PC is great for home users and office settings, if you are involved in photography, video making, or other artistic media a Mac is an excellent option as the colors and graphics are fantastic, and Adobe and Mac go together like PB&J!


I can honestly say that I have both types of devices, and when I was a student I preferred the Mac, but have now graduated to appreciate the PC. This is because PC computers are affordable, can be aesthetically customized, and upgraded without any problems. That being said I still love my majestic Mac perched upon my desk.


Let us know if you have any questions, we love to hear from you!

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