Tech Support Myths

Today we are going over tech support myths associated with information technology. Have you ever heard any of these? Let’s Jump Right In and go over these top three myths.

Tech Support Myths: In-house teams offer the fastest response rates

Generally, tech support teams who are not working in house are quick to respond to your issues. Not only will you have an SLA or a service-level agreement with a tech support team that is outsourced, you will also have a full team of people working for you and your company. That means if one person is busy you will have several others ready to jump at the task ahead of them in order to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently.

In fact, outsourced tech support teams can work with your in-house team to focus on the daily issues that come up very frequently and cause down time for your organization. Thereby preventing these issues from coming up and making an impact on your organization. Allowing your in-house team to focus on the larger projects and industry-specific tasks.

However tech support does quickly respond to you and resolve your issues. Of course before hiring any company you need to review the service level agreement, so you know what to expect. This will allow you to choose the companies that will provide the most and the best response times.

Tech Support Myths: You need to find the most affordable it service provider

Outsourced tech support is more affordable then hiring a full in-house team. It is always a good option to review a few providers. The reason for this is that everyone will offer something different. Not all tech support is identical, and you need to make a decision on what is best for your company overall not just for the price.

A affordable service provider might not offer what it is that you need. In fact you might be charged more for it in the long run. So always choose the most affordable solution. Choose the option that fits your needs best. In the long term that is what will give your business the most value.

Of course you want to work with the provider that fits within your budget. Unfortunately the cheapest solution is not always the best, and especially in the field of Technology you get what you pay for. Always be very careful reviewing the agreements you sign.

You will lose control over your environment when working with outsourced IT providers

Even though a good provider need access to your information in order to be able to help you most effectively. You will always have full control of your data. You should have access to information as you need it.

Ideally the tech support provider will keep you in the loop and keep you aware of any changes or that may arise. They work as a partner alongside you and not against you.

Outsourced tech support becomes an extension of your company. With their primary goal being to see you and your organization flourish. Success for providers is seeing you succeed.


These are just a few of the Tech Support Myths. These are generally not true, but you should always be careful in making a new strategic partnership. Ensure that the providers are looking at exactly what it is that you need. Someday we’ll be there for you helping you and your company succeed.

Do you want an IT partner that won’t simply solve issues as they come up in a reactive way. You want somebody who prevents these types of things from happening, and when issues do occur keeps them from happening again. Someone who offers quick response times, understand that you are the captain of your ship, and will provide you with the services on the Consulting that you need in order to achieve your business goals.

Give any questions regarding it support an outsourced tech support contact 4leet today! We love to help our clients and find solutions that are perfect for them.

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