Tips on Creating a Strong Password

Tips on Creating a Strong Password

We are progressing as a society and a part of that great progression is the reliance on technology. Computers and mobile devices are making their way into every area of our lives ranging from social activities, work, shopping, and even managing our finances. As amazing and easy that has made life for us, there is one big and important key factor to remember. Our passwords are the only thing protecting us from vicious attacks that are aimed at us constantly, hackers spend their lives finding and searching for ways to crack passwords and steal our information. This is a scary but very real problem, that being said, there is something you can do to protect yourself from attacks. The most important thing you can do is to create a very strong password, which would take a very very very long time to crack. Today we are going to teach you to create such a password so you can stay protected.


TIP 1: Do not create a generic password consisting of letters or numbers in order, or even generic words that are frequently used. An example ABCD, QWERTY, 1234, 09876, password, and love. As easy as these are to remember they are very overused and are often the first thing a hacker will try to use, and often they will gain access to sensitive information. So do not use generic passwords!

TIP 2: Variety is the spice of life and passwords too! Yes, variety in the form of using symbols, letters, and numbers. Mix it up and create a unique password that you will remember. You can use inspiration from your favorite movies, places, or foods, or colors, here are some examples.  If you like the movie Pulp Fiction R0y4lw!7hCh33sE, royal with cheese is easy to remember but hard to crack. Another inspirational idea for a chocolate lover like myself C330fNu77eLl@, sea of Nutella, although I changed the spelling of sea to cee, I will not forget that! So the idea here is to use symbols in place of letters, and use them in a variety of ways. Incorporate a good mix of things and see how strong your password gets, you can even change up spelling on simple words making it an even safer password.

TIP 3: Do not use widely known personal information. Like your birthday or your child’s birthday, etc. The only time you can do something like that is if you create an acronym based on the date or information and add a variety of symbols, letters, and numbers to the password. The acronym will help you remember the password but at that point it will be indecipherable to anyone but you. We still suggest creating something a bit more unique, as you share a lot of personal information on the internet and you might risk letting out some information. So keep it original folks!

TIP 4: Length of passwords matters, the longer it is the harder it is to crack. Keep your password at 8 characters long, but the longer it is the safer it is. So make sure never to have short passwords as they put you at risk.

TIP 5: Don’t just use a single password for each thing that you need a password for. If someone does acquire your password and you only use one, they will have access to everything. That can be very devastating, so have a multitude of passwords you use for different things. You can even choose a different way of spelling or typing out the few passwords you choose, but do not just use identical passwords for everything as it can be very bad. Protect yourself and take extra measures to ensure safety, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


These secure passwords may seem like a nightmare, but after a while you will remember them and they will be no problem to type up in a jiffy. Your safety is of the highest importance, so create a secure set of passwords and memorize them because they are the gateway to your comfort and freedom online.


Thanks for reading this post, have a great day!

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