Web Design Mistakes Businesses Make

Web Design Mistakes Businesses Make

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Common web design mistakes made by businesses, is what we are going over today. These web design mistakes are easy avoid or even fix, but if they are made they have an impact on your business. So, drum roll. Here they are!

  1. HIRING THE WRONG COMPANY. This is a very important factor you want a company that is knowledgeable in all aspects from design to effective keyword usage so your website is found. Hiring a company that just focuses on the look of your site and not functionality or search engine friendliness is a big mistake. If this happens you may get stuck with an attractive shell of a site that no one will ever find, you will probably also get stuck paying a hefty bill as moist companies charge upwards of $100 per hour. Choose a company like 4LEET who specializes in all aspects of web design from keyword research, design, SEO, and everything else to create a stunning and usable website for a fraction of the cost.
  2. NO SEO. Skipping SEO is a terrible idea. Having a website that is not going to be registered by search engines is like having no website at all, only clients who type your direct web address will find you. You need to invest time in SEO, creating backlinks, and optimizing your content. Although this is a laborious practice it is well worth the effort, because good SEO will help you rank higher and gain clients. If you don’t have the time to optimize your website fully, hire professionals it is well worth it.
  3. NO CONTENT. Skipping adding content to your site will hurt your ranking. Add optimized and interesting content for your clients will help you gain readership while building trust and expanding brand awareness. Content creation is a great way to build your brand and gain new clients. Add at least one post per week, remember to keep the posts relevant to your audience. If you are not able to write a blog hire someone to do this for you, keeping your website updated is great for SEO!
  4. NOT LISTING YOUR ADDRESS. Not listing your address will cost you, as search engines use it to verify your business. Disclosing your location will build trust and make it easy for people to find you and your business. Remember, much of the searches conducted today are mobile; meaning that people need information on the go, add your address so new clients can find you right away!
  5. NO CALL TO ACTION. This is another web design mistake, people love direction and need to know what comes next. Help your clients by providing a clear path to action, such as contact information or a direct chat feature. This will not only help retain clients on your website but allow them to follow your lead, and increasing your likelihood of closing a sale.
  6. FAILING TO TRACK YOUR TRAFFIC. There is a variety of tools out there to help you know what methods of advertising for your business are working well. Using tools such as Google Analytics will give you the knowledge you need to put your advertising dollars where they matter and increase your ROI. Knowing what generates traffic to your site will let you cater to your clientele and increase engagement by allowing you to generate material which is relevant to your audience.
  7. MISSING SOCIAL ICONS AND TRUST ICONS. This is crucial, let me ask you. Two identical websites both sell the same product, but one has clear social media icons and is clearly a member of The Better Business Bureau, who do you buy from? People look to their peers for advice and information, which is easily shared through social media. Use these tools to your advantage, they will gain trust and allow new clients to find your company.

We hope these tips helped you in knowing what to pay extra attention to when designing a website for your business. If you notice any of these problems with your website remember that we are here to help, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our first consultations are always free!

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