Why Do I need IT support?

Why Do I need IT support?

As a business owner you are probably wondering, why do I need IT support for my company I’m doing just fine aren’t I? The truth is, most businesses would highly benefit from having IT support.

Today we are going to go over the primary benefits of having a technology provider working for you and your company. These benefits include improved employee productivity. Overall savings on your technology and IT spend. Finally, increased security for your organization.

These are only some of the benefits of having an IT provider for your business. Read this article to find out more information about each one of these topics. Find out  how you can benefit as a business owner from having a local IT support provider. To help you with your business systems.

How can technology and IT support make my employees more productive?

Well, the simple answer is functioning computers, improved security, and better connectivity increase employee productivity. This benefits your business because you are generating more revenue. Getting more work out of your employees, per hour each day. Imagine how much your business could benefit if you only improve staff productivity even by as little as 15%?

Using an IT support provider will allow your business and your staff to be more efficient. Less employees browsing the web, social media, or watching YouTube videos. Instead your people will be focused on making you money. Making sure their duties are fulfilled and that efficiency goals are met.

When technology is running efficiently within the business employees are also happier. Their frustrations of slow speeds, slow loading times, and lost data don’t keep them from working.

Having an IT service provider will benefit you. Overall, employee morale and happiness is increased. Allowing your staff to be more productive.

This is achieved by reducing the opportunities staff has to engage in time-wasting activities. Overall, your company will benefit from having an IT provider by reducing lost time and improving morale leading to increased productivity.

How does IT support save me money?

Wondering how can spending money each month on IT support save you money?

Well, the answer is simple having a steady budget will allow you the freedom to know how much you spend each month. This is a predictable number that does not change regardless of what happens.

Imagine This, one day you going to work, and you find out that your server has gone on the fritz. What do you do?

You call a technology service provider, they come out and they fix your issue. As a result, your business is down for several days because you don’t have any backups. You lose thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars during this time, and at the end of it you receive a bill for thousands more.

Instead of being down about it, you are told to be relieved. Because you were able to retrieve your data that you weren’t backing up. No, as a business owner this is not what you want to hear or experience! Having a reliable IT provider will prevent this issue from happening.

Because a good service provider will keep catastrophes from occurring in the first place.

Now, if you can afford to have your business go down for several days, if you can afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars to fix an issue that never should have happened in the first place then be my guest and don’t pay an IT service provider and just go pay as you go. With that model keep in mind that technology will always fail, and people will always make mistakes regardless of what you do as a business owner.

You will have technology that you need to spend money on each year.

Most technology providers charge a premium for their hourly services. That means it is not beneficial for you as the business owner to use a pay as you go model. Having a simple IT support agreement can allow you to be on a budget that you can adhere to. It is the best solution for anyone who is serious about protecting their company and saving money each month.

As an entrepreneur myself, I can tell you that reducing my spending each month, increasing my savings is something that I love to do. I like to invest in my business because my business is what helps me, my family, and the causes that I care about most. As a business owner you need to invest in your company.

Increased Productivity

The other benefit as mentioned before was the increased employee productivity. If you have nobody to watch your employees and manage your network, you do not know what is being done. You can increase your revenue just by making your employees more productive. Is this not something that you would be willing to try?

Cyber Security

If you are one of the business owners who fall into the category where you have antivirus on all your computers, you are also one of the thousands of business owners who fall into the category of being vulnerable two cyber-attacks. Now what an IT service provider will do for you, is to protect you from such attacks. Having employees, having a website, using email, engaging in any technology related tasks daily makes you a target for online criminals.

If you want to have a secure business that protects you, your clients, and your employees, you need to have a reputable IT provider.

That can help guide you in the best direction for the ideal protection for your company. Most business owners believe that they are safe from online criminals, the major misconception is that only large businesses get attacked. The harsh truth is that online criminals spend their entire time searching for targets, it is their job is to find the vulnerabilities within your company.

Malicious Attacks

Cyber criminals target small to medium-sized businesses daily. The reason we don’t hear about it is because these businesses shut their doors for good. When a business is hit by a ransomware attack their data can be breached and the ransoms are high, this is especially pertinent for smaller companies to understand because ransoms can range between a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Do you have enough savings to afford a ransomware attack?

If the answer is no, or you simply do not want to give criminals thousands of dollars then you need an IT provider that can protect your company.

This type of protection includes:

Installed firewall
Having antivirus software
Having anti-malware software
Current backups
Staying Compliant
Security policy for your organization

Peace of Mind

This is something that should be done by professionals because there are many ways that one can go wrong. Now if you’re working with a reputable IT provider you will enjoy the benefits of Peace of Mind and never having to worry about something happening, a cyber-attack is one of the worst things that can happen to your business. This peace of mind will allow you to focus on what matters most which is you growing your business.

You have tasks you delegate to others because you know that you need to focus on things that only you can do.

This means delegating your technology and your security into the hands of others. So you can focus on growing your business. Investing in IT support and cyber security is like having health insurance for your business, it is not voluntary it is necessary.

IT Support

Focus on your Core Business

If you own or manage a business it’s probably one of the things that you are most passionate about in your daily life, making sure that it runs efficiently is a key to your success, and a way for you to reach your goals. These days technology is an integral part of our lives but not having a handle on it can be disastrous. When you have a business where technology is functioning properly you will have a leg up on your competitors. Your processes will be easier to follow and your employees will be happier. you will generate more revenue, and finally your business will be more secure.

Investing in IT support for your company will allow you the time freedom to grow your business.

Not only will you have somebody who will prevent IT issues from occurring. You will have a technology partner who will help you on the journey of business ownership, making things just a little bit easier.

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